Friday, March 21, 2008

I'm Addicted!

I am completly addicted to Jon & Kate Plus 8.
Never heard of it... You are missing out!!!

Short summary:

2 parents... Jon & Kate

Twin girls...

Mady: what a brat! but adorable! She likes the Attention of mom and dad!

Cara: so sweet- she loves to help mommy! she has her moments though!
The twins are 7yrs.



Alexis: wild chick! she has all the energy in the world!
Collin: he is an engineer, also very stubborn!
Hannah: She's going to be just like Cara, loves to fold laundry!
Aaden: the professor... he loves to teach the other kids about animals!
Joel: sweet and kind!
Leah:the tiniest one... she like to control!

Can you tell.........?


Tune in on Mondays at 8pm Keller time!:]

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